Your skin is an ongoing story.
Ihosi on jatkuva tarina.

The concept is based on the idea, that a person’s skin doesn’t only transmit a story – it is a story of its own and it goes on every second of every day. The concept draws attention to the continuity needed in skin care and gives the audience new thoughts about listening to their skin. The idea of continuity and suitability for the whole family is further highlighted in the brand message:

Lifetime of gentle care.
Ihollesi läpi elämän.


The overall visual feeling is fresh, easy on the eye and clear – similar to the package design. Ceridal has a distinctive brand element: the smooth drop shape. It symbolizes the essence of liquid cream as well as mineral oil that brings skin to life.

Ceridal has a very distinctive image style: photograph portrait mixed with sketch illustration. People look like characters from an emotional story
book. People have distinctive features like freckles, a birthmark etc.


  • Marketing concept
  • Brand message
  • Visual identity, Style Guide & Graphic Guidelines documentation
  • Print ads, street posters, POS-materials, responsive website visuals
  • As a leading agendy the material package for international adaptations